What is SEO?


If you’re not sure what SEO is, think of it as a map. Google crawls the internet using code known as “crawlers,” which follow links and gather data to create an imaginative map of the world’s web pages. A website that has a lot of traffic and links to it will be easier for Google to find, but a website that isn’t as popular may have fewer roads leading to it.

SEO works by tuning a website to be found in the dominant search engines in a market. Depending on your target audience, search engine market shares vary widely. In 2003, Google accounted for 75% of all searches. In 2006, Google had an 85-90% market share in Germany and an 85% share in the US. As of June 2008, Google had a nearly ninety percent share of the UK market. For this reason, SEO is an effective marketing strategy to increase the number of visitors and improve the conversion rates of a website.

As Google and other search engines have become more sophisticated, SEO strategies are being tuned to these new search engines’ preferences. As of 2007, Google had an 86% market share in the US, which is comparable to the size of France or Germany. In the UK, Google’s share was nearly 90 percent as of June 2008. During that time, there were literally hundreds of SEO companies. The popularity of Google drove more websites to launch and optimize their content for search engines.

There were hundreds of SEO firms in the US and UK. The market share of Google was around seventy percent, and it is still the leader in each market. As of June 2008, Google had a ninety percent market share in the UK. In the US, Google represented eighty five percent of searches. As of 2003, Google had an eighty-five percent global market share. And in Germany, the company had an 86-nine percent position in searches.

In 2006, Google had over 75% of the market. At that time, it was the dominant search engine in the world. However, today, there are hundreds of SEO companies in the US alone. Despite these factors, the most important factor in SEO is that it is customized to its target market. By doing this, you can ensure that your website gets the maximum exposure and profits possible. This is the most effective way to optimize your website. But what is SEO?

SEO is the practice of optimizing websites so that they appear higher on search engines’ SERPs. It is important to make sure that your site is optimized for the search engines that dominate your industry. Although it is not as important as the content, SEO will help your website rank higher on the SERP. But if you don’t have enough content, SEO isn’t it? For most people, SEO is about increasing their exposure to their brand.