The Difference Between SEO and Content Marketing Strategies

Content marketing and SEO are two cornerstones of Internet marketing. Without a doubt, each has many advantages but for Internet marketers SEO is still king and content marketing a close second. Both are vital in achieving top search engine ranking but to a very large extent, their importance is misunderstood by some. In actual fact, they go hand in hand and cannot be separated. In short, both are a way of ensuring success for an online business.

content marketing

SEO is about optimizing your websites and your site to make it rank high in the major search engines. It includes on page optimization such as meta tags, keywords placement, content optimization, social media marketing, and content tilts. Content marketing is all about using relevant and valuable content to drive customer or client action and attract profitable client or visitor activity. Without content marketing, SEO is like a house without an exit strategy.

One can’t fully separate content marketing strategies from search engine optimization without ignoring the fact that both are interconnected. However, one cannot neglect the importance of link building for successful SEO either. Many people do not realize that links play a very important role in both SEO and content marketing strategies. Link building is also known as back-links.

In simple terms, content marketing strategies aim at increasing the number of inbound links that lead from other websites with the same niche and theme to yours, thereby improving your rankings in search engines. These back-links naturally improve your organic traffic count and improve the organic search results. It is no doubt that SEO contributes to this process by improving your rankings in the search engines but it is also essential that you build quality back-links to enhance your rankings as well.

In simple terms, content marketing strategy revolves around getting linked to websites of similar theme and using the same optimized keywords for both the websites. The main goal here is to get indexed in both the search engines as well as on the website that link back to you. So, content marketing aims at providing quality unique and keyword rich content pieces that draw relevant organic traffic to both your website and back-link of your website to improve your rankings in search engines. On the flip side, the strategy of SEO mainly focuses on optimizing your web page content, optimizing it in such a way that the page is ranked highly among top ranking web pages for relevant keywords.

Both SEO and content marketing strategies are equally important for any online business that aims to thrive online. However, SEO is more beneficial for those who lack a lot of budget for SEO or those who have a minimal understanding of SEO and how content marketing works. Content marketing will definitely help you in achieving your desired goals. As a matter of fact, content marketing strategies will help your site to survive and even thrive among millions of other sites that are online right now. So, make the best use of these two great marketing strategies and enjoy massive success!