Google+ SEO Strategy For Your Online Marketing

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Google+ SEO Strategy For Your Online Marketing

The relationship between social media and search engine optimization has long been a topic of much discussion now. While these are indeed two separate concepts, they are undeniably connected. SEO social media optimization refers to the way that the activity on your social media page can lead to drive targeted traffic to your site. If you don’t want to just attract people to your site through your social media page, then you need to ensure that those people who are attracted to your social media page also find a way to get there. This is where the term SEO social media optimization comes into play.

The most popular example of this is YouTube. As we all know, YouTube is one of the most visited sites on the Internet. It is used by millions of people each day to catch up on what they have missed on television, or just to entertain themselves. However, the same basic rules that apply to driving traffic to sites like Facebook (ads, page content, etc.) also apply to YouTube.

How can this help you with your SEO social media marketing efforts? The most common method for driving traffic from social media is to create a “direct line” with those people who are looking at your page. A direct line is simply the way that you can tell someone who is on YouTube that you exist, or that you have something interesting on your page. For example, if you put a link on your video that says “watch me on YouTube” in the url, you’re giving people who are watching that direct line to go watch your YouTube video.

When you do this, you are basically telling the people who are viewing that you have an interesting product to show them, and that you are a great source of information (which we all know is a must when it comes to SEO). To make the most out of your SEO social media optimization, take this further and have a “double direct” – two links coming straight to your video from each of the two most popular social media accounts on the internet. You can use Facebook and Twitter for this. Google+ could also be a good option.

These two methods work together because of the natural connections that are formed when someone watches one of your videos, and takes the time to read about your services and products. By providing a great resource with a backlink, and by showing that you have high-quality content, you are providing the natural incentives to continue watching your videos. If you only provide your links to high-quality content pages, then you’re going to get a lot of people who are going to click on them, and not use your services or products, because they won’t be impressed with your social media page linking back to you.

As far as the social media marketing strategies go, Google+ SEO has become the king of them. Not only can you get plenty of backlinks from your posts, but you will have a high-quality audience to interact with, because you will have created a community for your product. People like being part of a community, and the more of one that they participate in, the better. Don’t waste any more time trying to figure out how to get your online marketing campaigns to work – start using Google+ SEO to help you do it right.