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There are a number of different types of SEO training, you can pursue. The most popular, and the one we’ll discuss here, are online certification. Online certification requires that you complete an array of short-term courses, typically ranging from six to twelve weeks long. Your certificate will be recognized by search engines like Google, and it will show that you’ve learned the material. After your certification test, you’ll need to take an advanced certification test.

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There are also short courses you can take in person at an SEO academy or online at a web-based learning provider. But those are not the only two options. You could also pursue both, or just one! Another option is to take an SEO certification exam at a brick-and-mortar academy or bookstore. Online training courses and exams are also becoming more popular for brick-and-mortar academies because students are often much more comfortable with classroom-type settings. If you’re comfortable in an indoor setting, you may be happier to sit in a small group and learn what you need to know.

One type of course that is getting more attention these days is video 360 certification exams. The basic course is typically a three-part course, consisting of an introduction, a technical overview and a final review of the material. A 360 video is used to illustrate each point in the course, making it easier to understand for students who have been offline and then re-live the information on their mobile phones, laptops or tablets. The video 360 certification exam includes information about Google Webmaster Tools, web server administration, search engine marketing and content management. The video 360 training course typically includes an introduction to SEO basics, an overview of site analysis, site navigation and website functionality, a technical overview of site functionality, keyword research, web testing and optimization, link building fundamentals, and web ranking.

The next step of the training course typically involves learning about link building tools. In addition to the standard tools that are part of most SEO training modules, the course also will introduce you to several proprietary tools that can boost the company’s page ranking and search engine results rankings. Some tools that are included with your SEO package include a link popularity tool, backlink generation software, link monitoring software and a link popularity reporting tool. Once you have learned about link building basics, you will move onto learning about link exchange and reciprocal linking. This is another essential area of SEO that many people overlook or are unsure about the importance of. Reversely, companies that offer a comprehensive SEO package usually include all of these modules, ensuring that your overall SEO experience is comprehensive and successful.

The final step of the three-step program typically includes learning about content promotion and article writing. These are two of the most important core skills that you must master if you want to dominate your industry. There are a number of excellent content promotion and article writing courses that you can take that will ensure that you become proficient at these tasks. Many of these courses are offered by the content promotion and article writing academies.

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